Postal Workers Set to Strike Over Demands, Mail Services to Halt


In response to unaddressed grievances, the Postal Union Joint Front has announced a 24-hour strike starting from midnight today. Mr. Chinthaka Bandara, convener of the front, revealed that over twenty-one thousand employees from 23 trade unions will participate in the strike, halting all postal services during this period.

The decision comes after repeated attempts to resolve issues concerning the postal department, including the pressing matter of over five thousand vacant positions causing disruptions in service provision. Additionally, the prolonged employment of nearly 400 individuals in acting capacities as sub postmasters has raised concerns, with requests for their permanent employment repeatedly ignored by authorities.

Despite discussions held with the relevant authorities on the 11th of this month, satisfactory solutions have not been reached, compelling the union to resort to industrial action. Mr. Bandara emphasized that the strike will impact operations across Central Post Exchange, Post Offices, and Control Offices.

The union has warned of escalating action if their demands continue to be disregarded, hinting at the possibility of prolonged strikes starting from the 24th if no adequate response is forthcoming.

As a result of the strike action, mail services will be disrupted, affecting individuals and businesses reliant on postal communication. The union remains steadfast in its stance, calling for immediate attention to the longstanding issues plaguing the postal department.

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