Railway Strike Persists: 20 Office Trains Cancelled as Union Continues Protest


The ongoing strike initiated by a faction of train drivers, as declared by The Locomotive Operating Engineers Union, will extend into its fourth consecutive day today (June 10).

Commencing at midnight on the 6th of this month, the industrial action was prompted by various grievances, notably encompassing delays in second-class promotions and recruitment processes.

Participation in the strike remains confined to drivers stationed at two out of the five railway stations. Consequently, locomotive services are anticipated to remain suspended.

Transport Minister Mr. Bandula Gunawardena disclosed that discussions have been arranged with five trade unions, including the Locomotive Operating Engineers Association, to address their concerns. The meeting is scheduled for today, convened at 12:00 PM, at the Ministry of Highways, chaired by the Minister of Transport.

In response, Mr. S.R.C.M Senanayake, Secretary of the Locomotive Operating Engineers Association, expressed surprise at the scheduling of the meeting, indicating a lack of prior awareness regarding its arrangement.

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