Inaugural “Battle of the Reef” Festival to Launch at Pegasus Reef in July


This inaugural event promises an exhilarating blend of athleticism, camaraderie, and entertainment, with a diverse lineup of activities including competitive beach volleyball, tag rugby, and tug of war. Aimed exclusively at corporate entities, the festival is designed to foster team spirit and sportsmanship in a scenic coastal setting.

Renuke Coswatte, General Manager of Pegasus Reef, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “We take immense pride in hosting the ‘Battle of the Reef’, a Sports and Music Festival at Pegasus Reef, which is another ‘first’ in Sri Lanka. Gathering corporates together is indeed exciting when true sportsmanship and a huge element of fun will be a major part of this event.” Coswatte emphasized that the festival offers a comprehensive experience that not only highlights athletic prowess but also underscores the importance of camaraderie and teamwork.

The “Battle of the Reef” is set to provide a memorable day of beachside entertainment and relaxation, ensuring attendees enjoy both spirited competitions and engaging activities. Dimithra Silva, Manager, Team Lead Events, highlighted the event’s branding potential, noting, “The Battle of the Reef offers exclusive branding and visibility opportunities for corporate sponsors, making it a premier event for brand promotion and networking within the corporate community of Sri Lanka. It is no doubt set to become a must-attend activity on the corporate calendar in years to come.”

The festival’s excitement will culminate in a vibrant live musical session featuring popular artists and bands, providing the perfect end to a day filled with high energy and unforgettable memories. As anticipation builds, the “Battle of the Reef” is poised to make waves, promising an unparalleled celebration of corporate unity and festivity at the beaches of Pegasus Reef.

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