Court Orders Inquiry into Piumi Hansmali’s 19 Bank Accounts Over Suspicious Assets


Maligakanda Magistrate Manjula Thilakaratne has granted permission for the secret police to summon records of 19 bank accounts belonging to Piumi Hansmali, citing concerns over substantial property acquisitions through alleged organized crime.

This order follows a request from the Assets Gained Through Organized Crime Investigation Unit of the Illegal Assets Investigation Division. Chief Inspector Sampath Rajakaruna and Deputy Inspector of Police Tharanga Lakmal presented evidence to the court, based on a complaint from Sanjaya Mahawatta, Chairman of the organization ‘Magen Ratata.’

Piumi Hansmali, a resident of Colombo Hilton Resident, has come under scrutiny for purchasing a Range Rover for 80 Million rupees, acquiring a house valued at 148 million rupees in Colombo, and depositing large sums of money through 19 bank accounts across eight leading banks in a short span.

The investigation, conducted under the Money Laundering Act No. 6 of 2006, as amended by Act No. 40 of 2011, aims to trace the sources of these assets. The Magistrate has instructed the police to submit the progress of the investigation promptly while dropping the initial complaint.

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