Schools Rugby to Resume Next Week as Sports Minister Harin Fernando Obtains Safety Precautions


The Sri Lanka schools rugby season is expected to commence next week following a controversial meeting between the sports minister Harin Fernando and the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Referees (SLSRFR) union. This has come in the backdrop of a recent suspension of matches because of an incident where two referees were attacked during Science College and St. Thomas College clash.

The meeting discussed major concerns, which involved the June 30 attack by the Science College supporters that compelled the referees not to continue with the daily matches up to July 15, 2024. Thus, after the discussion, the referees have agreed to come back to their work next week.

Thus, the organisation of a special safety program together with the Police will help to guarantee the safety and the preservation of all future games. Besides, the officials on behalf of the Ministry of Sports will allocate better technical tools for the facilitation of referees. Education about the importance of referees will also be given to schools so that they would know how important this aspect is in the sport.

Because of the act, the Sri Lanka Schools’ Rugby Football Association (SLSRFA) has encouraged an independent investigation and has since offered an apology to the referees, and called on the latter to reverse it. The Minister spoke more to the extent of indicating that the Schools Rugby Association will make decision on the actions of Science College. He stressed the directors should not demoralize the players from Science College and should assure them they would be able to play more matches.

The recent decision by the SLSRFR to stop officiating had lead to some schools rugby league 2024 matches which are supposed to be held this week being called off. However, with the referees now agreeing to come back the season is aimed at rebounding as planned.

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