Mysterious Blue Objects Appear in Mullaitivu Sky Following Earthquake


Following an earthquake that struck several areas, including Vavuniya, fishermen in Mullaitivu reported the sighting of two unusual celestial bodies in the sky. According to Jaffna University’s Department of Geography, these objects, described as glowing blue lights, have been observed floating slowly in the sky since the seismic event.

Fishermen noted that these blue-colored objects are particularly visible over the sea, more so than over land. They reported that the objects emit a bright blue glow and move leisurely across the sky.

Adding intrigue to the situation, Mullaitivu Fishermen recalled a similar sighting of several objects in the sky approximately five days prior to a past tsunami, which then disappeared after the disaster struck. This has prompted calls from locals for experts to identify and explain the nature of these mysterious phenomena.

A lecturer from the geography department at Jaffna University confirmed receiving consistent reports from the fishermen and indicated that details have been forwarded to authorities in Colombo for further investigation.

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