Captain Ranish Hewage and two other former Sri Lankan soldiers were killed in a Russian attack on the Ukrainian battlefield


Three former members of the Sri Lankan army, including Captain Ranish Hewage, a Sri Lankan who served as the commanding officer of the First Special Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and led the troops on the Ukrainian front, have lost their lives in a Russian attack.

 Captain Ranish Hevage has been named as a target of the Russians, who are called the “Black Enemy” by the Russian government forces.

He joined the service in March 2022 as a regular member of the Ukrainian Army after legally leaving the Sri Lanka Infantry and Commando Force.

Due to his heroism at the front during the Russian-Ukrainian war, the president of that country has awarded him five special presidential awards.

Mr. Ranish Hevage, who fought for the security of the Ukrainian state after being injured nine times on the battlefront, is known by the name of “Captain Dentist” in the country’s army.

Priyantha, a Sri Lankan soldier belonging to the unit under Mr. Ranish Hevage who joined an operation beyond the Ukrainian forward defense line, lost his life on the 4th in the morning.

Due to the continuous Russian attacks on the battlefront, Ukrainian troops have not come forward to take the dead soldier’s body.

Captain Ranish Hewage volunteered to carry the body of the Sri Lankan soldier, and three more Sri Lankan soldiers joined him.

“We went to get the body with Ranish sir as a four-man team. On the way, one of us was injured, so all three of us went ahead. As soon as we went to the front line, artillery fire started. A drone attack also came. On the 4th, at around 9 in the morning, a cannon fell, and Sir and I were injured. One of the members of the Lions Regiment who went with us was killed. Sir was injured. I brought about fifteen kilometers of Sarva. I was injured by pieces of artillery. A hero like Ranish Sir cannot be allowed to die in enemy territory, so I somehow brought him. On the way, they were attacked by Russian drones again. Meanwhile, Ranish Sir disappeared. Sir always told us not to take the body if we die in war. But I tried my best to bring Sarva. When the drones continued to hit me, I had to retreat alone. said Mr. Hathurusingha, who left the army commando force and joined the Ukrainian army after being injured in this operation and being treated in a Ukrainian military hospital.

He also said that he was going to somehow bring back the body of his commanding officer using the experience he had acquired through commando training.

Only 20 Sri Lankan troops have served their lives along with Captain Ranish during this war. Teams of Canadian troops have also served under him.

21 Canadian soldiers who were with him died in one battle. Captain Ranish Hewage was injured in that battle and survived.

Sources from the country state that about three days before Ranish’s death, his mother, sister, and other family members had also arrived in Ukraine to see her.

 It was also reported from Ukraine yesterday (05) that arrangements have been made to inform the Sri Lankan government about the three Sri Lankan military members who died on the battlefield.

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