Monk Accused of Serious Sexual Abuse: Two Samaneras Hospitalized


A monk at a temple in Kuliyapitiya stands accused of grave sexual misconduct involving two Samaneras, who are currently hospitalized. The Kegalle police department reported on the 10th of this month that two lay monks, allegedly subjected to sexual abuse by a priest and subsequently expelled from the temple, are presently receiving medical care at Kegalle General Hospital.

These two lay monks, aged 11 and hailing from the Molagoda area within the jurisdiction of the Kegalle police, were residing in a temple located in the Kuliyapitiya region. They are currently undergoing treatment in Ward No. 08 of the Children’s Unit at Kegalle General Hospital.

According to police reports, the parents of one of the Samaneras are facing severe financial hardships, compounded by the mother’s ongoing illness.

The elder sister of one of the Samaneras, identified as Samanera Thero, is married. Approximately a year ago, the two novices, along with the 11-year-old brother of the married sibling, spent time together at a temple in the Kuliyapitiya area.

The police investigation reveals that a young clergyman residing and serving in this temple perpetrated serious sexual misconduct against the two novice priests in recent days. Subsequently, the distressed novices sought refuge at a nearby residence, where they promptly contacted their parents to report the ordeal.

On the 9th of this month, when the father arrived at the Kuliyapitiya temple to retrieve his two 11-year-old novice sons, the suspect forcibly removed their robes and subjected them to further assault.

Following this harrowing incident, the father transported the two novice monks to Kegalle, where they were admitted to Kegalle General Hospital for urgent medical attention, as confirmed by hospital authorities. The Kegalle police have recorded statements from both novice priests and have transferred the case to the jurisdiction of the Kuliapitiya police for further investigation. (Source: Dinamina)

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