Cabinet Greenlights Import of Vehicles for Tourism Industry


In a significant move aimed at bolstering Sri Lanka’s tourism sector, the Cabinet has given the green light to present regulations for the import of vehicles essential for the tourism business to the Parliament.

Minister Bandula Gunawardena, the Cabinet Media Spokesperson, announced that the approval was granted during a recent Cabinet meeting. This decision comes against the backdrop of a temporary suspension on the import of motor vehicles to Sri Lanka under the Import and Export Control Regulation number two of 2023.

However, in a proposal put forth by the Minister of Tourism and Lands, the Cabinet approved the importation of 250 small buses and 75 vans dedicated to transporting tourists. This initiative is poised to enhance the tourism infrastructure and cater to the growing demands of the industry.

Furthermore, the Council of Ministers endorsed the proposal presented by the President, also serving as the Minister of Financial Economic Stabilization and National Policy. This proposal advocates for the submission of regulations published through a special gazette announcement to Parliament for approval.

The regulations in question, namely the Import and Export (Control) Regulations No. 07 of 2024 and the Standardization and Quality Control Regulations issued under the Import and Export (Control) Act No. 1 of 1969, are now set to undergo parliamentary scrutiny.

This development marks a pivotal step towards revitalizing Sri Lanka’s tourism sector, underscoring the government’s commitment to fostering economic growth and stability amid challenging times.

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