Attorney General Objects to Hirunika Premachandra’s Bail Request


Today, the Attorney General formally objected to the bail request of former Member of Parliament Mrs. Hirunika Premachandra, who was sentenced to three years of rigorous imprisonment. The objection was submitted in writing to the Colombo High Court, where the case was heard before Judge Mr. Amal Ranaraja.

The government lawyer presented objections during the proceedings, prompting Judge Ranaraja to schedule a hearing on the bail request for the 15th of this month.

Mrs. Hirunika Premachandra was convicted on December 21, 2015, on 18 charges related to the assault of Amila Priyanka, a young man working in a Dematagoda-area shop. Following her conviction, she filed an appeal with the Court of Appeal and subsequently requested bail pending the appeal process.

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