Police Operation Leads to 49 Arrests, Including Drug Offenders


In a swift and targeted operation, Coastal Police apprehended 49 individuals, including 34 suspects, in the Jampettah Street area. The operation, spanning nearly two hours, was strategically conducted near the Kochchikade Church and Jampettah Street Bodhi to bolster crime prevention efforts under Operation Justice.

Authorities reported the seizure of a significant quantity of narcotics, including heroin, ice (Crystal Methamphetamine) , and cannabis, leading to the arrest of 13 individuals on drug-related charges. Additionally, two individuals with outstanding warrants were also taken into custody.

The operation involved a team of eight specialized Police Special Task Force officers, supported by thirty trained police officers and dedicated police dogs adept at drug detection.

All suspects will face legal proceedings as they are presented before the court. This operation underscores ongoing efforts to maintain public safety and combat illegal activities within the community.

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