Minister Harin Fernando Engages with Youth in Ampara, Emphasizes Role in National Development


Yesterday (25th June), the National Youth Service Council (NYSC) organized a significant youth meeting at Ampara Weerasinghe Ground, presided over by President Ranil Wickramasinghe and Minister of Tourism, Lands, Sports, and Youth Affairs, Mr. Harin Fernando.

In his address, Minister Harin Fernando highlighted the crucial role of youth in the nation’s development. He emphasized that young people hold the key to driving the country forward with their decisions and actions.

Minister Harin Fernando noted a remarkable shift in the youth’s perception of the NYSC. “One and a half years ago, there was a lack of faith in the National Youth Service Council among the youth. Today, that faith has been restored,” he remarked.

Additionally, the minister underscored the benefits of the Smart Youth Exhibition program, organized by the NYSC across all districts. This initiative offers loan facilities to young entrepreneurs, empowering them to establish and grow their businesses. He encouraged the youth of Ampara district to seize the opportunities available in the Arugam Bay tourism zone to create new business ventures.

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