Macron Calls Snap Election After Far-Right Surge in France


In a surprise move, French President Emmanuel Macron has dissolved the lower house of parliament and called for snap elections following a significant defeat by the far-right in the European elections. Voters will return to the polls in two rounds on June 30 and July 7 to elect new lawmakers.

This decision comes in the wake of the National Rally party’s strong performance in the European Union parliamentary elections. Led by Marine Le Pen, the far-right, anti-immigration party secured an estimated 31%-32% of the vote, more than double the approximately 15% garnered by Macron’s pro-European Renaissance party.

Although Macron himself was not a candidate in the EU elections and remains in office for another three years, he emphasized the gravity of his decision. “This decision is serious but demonstrates my confidence in our democracy, allowing the sovereign people to express their will,” he stated.

Macron also acknowledged the electorate’s message and concerns. “In the coming days, I will outline what I believe to be the right direction for the nation. I have heard your message and concerns, and I will address them,” he assured.

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