Tragic Electrocution Claims Life During Flood Boat Ride


A young man tragically lost his life due to electrocution while boating during a flood. The incident occurred in the Diwalakada area of Bulathsinghala, where Damith Kumara, along with approximately 20 others, ventured out to observe the flood conditions.

Kumara was operating the boat and accidentally struck a high-voltage power line with a piece of wood he was holding, resulting in his electrocution. Following the shock, he fell into the water, and others on the boat were also affected by the electrical current. However, the remaining passengers did not sustain serious injuries.

The Bulathsinhala Police confirmed the incident , noting that it was reported on the evening of the 3rd. Kumara, a resident of Bulathsinhala, succumbed to the injuries from the electrocution.

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