Survey Highlights Decline in Smoking in Sri Lanka on World No Tobacco Day


On this World No Tobacco Day, observed on May 31, the focus is on the theme ‘Protect our children from the interference of the tobacco industry.’ Recent data highlights a significant decline in smoking in Sri Lanka, with the Alcohol and Drug Information Center reporting a 9.1 percent decrease in cigarette use overall and a rapid decline among young people.

Despite this positive trend, the center emphasizes that approximately 1.5 million Sri Lankans still use cigarettes. Alarmingly, nearly fifty people in the country die daily due to smoking-related issues. Additionally, a recent survey found that 5.7 percent of school students are smokers.

The tobacco industry’s response to these declines has been to implement various strategies aimed at enticing youth and children to start smoking. This is reflected in the 19 percent decrease in cigarette production reported by tobacco companies over the past year.

In summary, while there are encouraging signs of reduced cigarette use in Sri Lanka, significant challenges remain, particularly in protecting young people from tobacco industry tactics.

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