Katunayake Airport Visa Heist Exposed by Rauf Hakeem as Major Concern


Mr. Rauf Hakeem, Member of Parliament, has drawn attention to the issue of visas at Katunayake Airport, which has been the subject of much recent discussion, regarding the transfer of visa issuance to a foreign agency today (22).

He questioned why the service is being outsourced to a foreign company for an amount exceeding 18 dollars when it could be obtained through a Sri Lankan company for one dollar.

MP Rauf Hakeem emphasized that the amount of money being siphoned off is greater than in the central bank theft in Sri Lanka.

He also disclosed that the official of this country who signed the memorandum of understanding with the foreign institution faces financial charges.

However, MP Rauf Hakeem emphasized the problem of continuing the process amidst ongoing discussions by political leaders and in the daily news about this visa theft.

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