Elderly Woman Brutally Murdered in Gonapinuwala


In a shocking incident in Aluthwala, Gonapinuwala Samagama, a 76-year-old woman was tragically murdered. The victim, identified as an unmarried resident of the house, was reportedly bludgeoned to death with a stick shortly after returning home from performing ablutions on the last Poson Poya day.

Authorities investigating the scene discovered a suspected murder weapon, believed to be the stick used in the heinous crime. The prime suspect in the case is allegedly the woman’s nephew, who had been residing with her for several years. However, he is currently evading law enforcement and has fled the area.

According to police reports, the murder is estimated to have occurred between the afternoon of Poson Poya (21st) and the morning of the following day (23rd). The Gonapinuwala Police has intensified efforts to locate and apprehend the suspect as their investigation into the matter continues.

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