Urgent Virus Alert -Advice to wear masks again


“In light of the rapid spread of a viral illness across the country, including the North Central Province, Mrs. Hema Weerakoon, Chief Medical Officer of the Outpatient Department at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, advises the public to take precautions. She urges individuals to minimize group gatherings and consistently wear masks in such settings, as the illness primarily affects the respiratory system and presents symptoms such as cough, cold, fever, and body pain.

While the illness typically subsides within a few days, some patients may experience lingering respiratory issues for up to two months. Given its influenza-like nature, Dr. Weerakoon emphasizes the importance of avoiding contact with infected individuals and wearing masks during group activities to reduce transmission risk.

Dr. Weerakoon underscores the importance of seeking prompt medical attention, particularly in Anuradhapura district where the illness is spreading rapidly. Neglecting treatment may lead to severe respiratory complications.”

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