Geologists Probe Active Landslide Threats in Ella-Karandagolla Region


Today (01), a team of geologists from the National Building Research Organization initiated investigations into the escalating landslide concerns in the Ella-Karandagolla area. This endeavor, joined by the Director General of the Disaster Management Department, alongside the Badulla District Secretary and Ella Divisional Secretary, aims to address the mounting risks posed by recent geological activity.

Notably, heightened apprehensions surfaced days ago following signs of potential landslides in the Malittagolla vicinity, attributed by local residents to water accumulation in the Uma Oya project tunnel. In response, a contingent of officials from the National Building Research Organization’s Badulla district promptly surveyed the area, taking measures to reroute water channels exacerbating the hazard.

The arrival of geologists today marks a pivotal phase in the investigation, signaling concerted efforts to comprehensively assess and mitigate the looming threat of landslides in the region.

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