AstraZeneca admits the side effects of the vaccine


AstraZeneca, a huge pharmaceutical company belonging to England and Sweden, has admitted that rare side effects may occur through the Corona vaccine it has developed.

Astra Seneca had accepted this through a legal document submitted to the High Court of England last February.

Foreign media say that the company has admitted that as a side effect of receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, the disease of blood clots and low blood platelets, or Thrombosis Thrombosis Topenia Syndrome (TTS), may occur.

The newspaper ‘The Telegraph’, published in England, points out that 51 cases have been filed against the company in question in the High Court of England, claiming that many people died and others suffered serious injuries after injecting the Corona vaccine produced by the Astra Seneca company.

Over 100 million pounds of compensation have been requested from AstraZeneca for the petitioners, victims, and those who died after the injection.

Jamie Scott, a father of two, had filed the first case against the concerned company.

In it, he emphasized that he was unable to work after receiving the vaccine in April 2021.

He has shown that a permanent brain injury occurred after the development of a blood clot and bleeding in the brain.

However, in May 2023, the lawyers of the AstraZeneca company answered the accusations against the company and said that it cannot be accepted that the AstraZeneca vaccine causes thrombosis thrombocytopenia syndrome.

The Corona vaccine developed by Astra Seneca in conjunction with Oxford University was produced and released under the brand names ‘Vasseveria’ and CoviShield.

It is also reported that this vaccine has been given to people living in the world in greater quantity than the other 39 vaccines that were developed to prevent Corona infection.

According to foreign media, more than 1.3 billion doses of those vaccines have been given to people during the Corona period.

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