Provincial council elections are needed: Mahinda, Mano, Tissa, and Mujibar say in one voice


The Democratic Youth Congress and the Peoples Foundation together have the theme “Let the provincial council of our province protect our rights and our resources.” Former Chairman of the Election Commission and Chairman of the Delimitation Commission Mahinda Deshapriya, Member of Parliament Mano Ganesan, Member of Parliament Tissa Attanayake, former Member of Parliament Mujibur Rahman, leader of the Democratic Youth Congress K. Arjuna and Peoples Foundation Chairman Eric Herath, Democratic Youth Congress Colombo District Leader Aisha Rilwan, Democratic Youth Congress Ratnapura District Organizer, and a large number of civil organizations and young people participated in these events.

Presenting the main speech of the Colombo Conference, Mr. Mahinda Deshapriya said that in order to consolidate democracy, elections should be held properly at the right time, and now six years have passed since the dissolution of the Provincial Council, but even now, elections have not been held for that purpose, and about coming to this conference as citizens. and being happy. It was further said that by distributing power to the provinces, the development of that province can be achieved quickly.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament Tissa Attanayake said that he too is of the opinion that the holding of the provincial council election should be expedited and that the government will postpone the holding of the election no matter how many demands and how much pressure there is. However, Member of Parliament Mr. Mano Ganesan said that if the provincial council election is held, the election will not be held because the government will lose the vote. He further said that due to this situation, there may be another war in the future, and this may be a reason for the further escalation of the existing ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

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