Two university students arrested for producing pornographic films

Shashinka Vidusara
Two university students arrested for producing pornographic films

A female student of a state university and a male student of a private sector university were arrested by the Kadugannawa police on suspicion of producing a pornographic film for the internet.

Police said the two suspects were between 28 and 29 years of age and that they had been carrying on the racket while pretending to be school children.

However, investigations revealed that they were lovers whose marriage is scheduled to take place in a couple of months.

A senior police official said they had carried out the raid on information from the public that a pornographic film was being produced at a lodge in Kadugannawa, to find a young man and a woman who had in their possession several mobile phones, a laptop computer, and uniforms of several schools.

Under interrogation they stated that they, dressed in school uniforms, shot the pornographic scenes for the internet to earn money.

Further investigations revealed that more than eight million viewers had watched the pornographic scenes shared on websites.

The young woman is from Ruwanwella and the young man from the Pilimathalawa area. They were produced before the Kandy magistrate and released on stern bail conditions.

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