Youth participation in policymaking is revolutionary; as Rajitha, Mano, Dayasiri, Dolawatta, Shiral, and Waruna say in one voice


Parliamentarians Rajitha Senaratne, Mano Ganesan, lawyer Dayasiri Jayasekara, and lawyer Premnath C. said that it is a revolutionary matter for young people to contribute to policy-making. Mr. Dolawatta and former provincial councilors Mr. Waruna Rajapaksa and Mr. Shiral Lakthilaka, a lawyer.

They expressed these views while filing scholarly and public opinions on the essential state reforms that should take place in Sri Lanka and joining the People’s Movement for Democratic Reforms (PMDR) to unveil the policy set prepared by the gathering of other civil and youth organizations and youth groups that were active in the Galle Mouth struggle.

There, the policy series was highlighted in the subject areas of power distribution, electoral reforms, transitional justice and reconciliation, constitutional reforms, local government reforms, public service reforms, media law reforms, digitization of Sri Lanka and the future, and youth from 20 youth organizations across the island. It was prepared with the participation of over 14,000 people. For that set of policies, the Chairman of the Delimitation Commission, the former Chairman of the Election Commission, Mahinda Deshapriya, Piyatissa Ranasinghe, a distinguished Administrative Service Officer, Sampath Mallawarachchi, a distinguished Planning Service Officer, Dr. Nimalka Fernando, Dr. Ranga Kalansuriya, Lawyer Akalankah Hettiarachchi, and Journalist Vimukti Dushantha contributed resources.

On behalf of the group of organizations, Usama Liavdeen, K. Arjuna, Ayesha Rilwana, and Ishara Madhuwanti also expressed their views.

People’s Movement for Democratic Reforms (PMDR), Next Step, South Asian Center for Democracy and Regional Empowerment (SACRED), Democratic Youth Congress, Youth for Democracy, View-Election Monitoring Network, Voice of Rights, SCCF, Harih Udaya, Heta Daya Organization, Responsibility for People (C2), Youth Voice for Social Equality, Social Welfare Udasa Janata Sangha (PUSW), KITE Youth Organization, Ideal Hub, The event was jointly organized by the Black Cap Movement, the AFRIEL Youth Network, the Janata Foundation, and the Youth Union for Participatory Democracy (YIPD).

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