Kilinochchi raids a claymore bomb manufacturing factory; two people are arrested with 13 prepared bombs


A former member of the Tigers who was preparing cleymore bombs and another person were arrested yesterday (10) by the Anti-Terrorist Unit of the police in the Nachchikuda area of Kilinochchi along with a stock of cleymore bombs.

The Police Counter-Terrorism Unit has succeeded in finding 13 large, high-powered clay bombs and 18 more clay bomb covers and bomb parts produced by the two of them.

After this LTTE member was referred to the government’s rehabilitation program and released, he joined the Mullaitivu Civil Defense Force and served.

The ex-LTTE member is a resident of Velankulam, Mannar, and his friend is a resident of Nachchikuda village, Kilinochchi.

The two of them have run a fiber workshop that repairs boat parts and makes flowerpots in the village of Nachchikuda, where the friend’s house is located.

Meanwhile, the former member of the Tigers and his friend have also engaged in the production of bombs.

Based on the information received by the officers of the Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Police, a group of officers went to the Nachchikuda area, and while inspecting his work place, they saw how several covers used for making Cleymore bombs had been manufactured and questioned the two of them.

Accordingly, the police officers have been able to find claymore bombs and bomb parts that they had made and hidden.

Out of the two arrested, the former LTTE member has been taken to the Colombo Anti-Terrorism Unit, while the other one is being detained and questioned at the Kilinochchi Police Anti-Terrorism Unit.

Information has also been revealed that the former Tiger member organized a big event in Nachchikuda on the occasion of this year’s Mahaviru Day.

The Police Counter-Terrorism Unit is conducting further investigations into the incident.

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