An alleged thief of a donation box was found dead inside the church


On December 10, a 67-year-old man who served as the watchman in Hatton was brutally hacked to death during an attempt to steal cash from the church’s donation box.

The Hatton Police initiated investigations following a tip on the suspicious death of the church watchman near the railway station road in Hatton last morning.

Preliminary investigations revealed that an unidentified assailant had entered the church premises and attacked the guard with a weapon, resulting in his tragic demise.

Police suspect that the primary motive behind the incident was to break into the donation box and steal the collected funds.

He had reportedly entered the church premises before it closed around 9 p.m. on the previous day and kept a door open to enter later in the night.

Police said they suspected the man had suffered a heart attack, but a magisterial inquiry was due to take place.

The incident has been captured on the church’s CCTV footage.

The victim was identified as a resident of Hatton.

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