Minister Harin Fernando Warns of Political Agenda Behind Strikes


In a recent address, Minister of Tourism, Lands, Sports, and Youth Affairs, Mr. Harin Fernando, expressed concerns over what he described as attempts by certain groups to exploit strikes for political gain, potentially exacerbating the country’s current instability.

Minister Fernando highlighted efforts to disrupt crucial programs, including the IMF’s recent successes and “Urumaya” Programme initiatives. He underscored the broader impact of ongoing political and economic challenges following the pandemic, lamenting the extended closures of schools and disruptions to essential services.

“Amidst economic crises, some seek to hinder progress and exploit public discontent,” the Minister remarked, criticizing moves that could jeopardize national stability. He urged the public to remain vigilant against such maneuvers, emphasizing the need for unity during challenging times.

Acknowledging the dedication of those continuing to work despite disruptions, Minister Harin Fernando called for thoughtful consideration from the public to safeguard national interests.

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