Sinopec & IOC Revises Fuel Prices Effective Today


Starting today, Sinopec has announced a revision in fuel prices. The price of a liter of Octane 92 petrol has been reduced by 11 rupees, bringing the new price to 344 rupees. Similarly, Octane 95 petrol has seen a significant reduction of 41 rupees per liter, now priced at 379 rupees.

The price of auto diesel remains unchanged at 314 rupees per liter. However, the price of Sinopec Super Diesel has been lowered by 22 rupees, making the new price 355 rupees per liter.

In tandem with Sinopec, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has also revised its fuel prices effective from midnight yesterday. The price adjustments are as follows: a liter of Octane 92 petrol now costs 344 rupees, reflecting an 11 rupee reduction, and a liter of Octane 95 petrol is now 379 rupees, following a 41 rupee decrease.

Additionally, the price of Lanka Super Diesel has been reduced by 22 rupees per liter, now costing 355 rupees. There have been no changes to the prices of auto diesel and kerosene, which remain at 317 rupees and 202 rupees per liter, respectively.

Lanka IOC Company has also notified about adjusting its fuel prices in line with the new pricing structure.

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