Exchange Rates for US Dollar in Sri Lanka Today


According to the latest data from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the exchange rates for the US dollar have seen fluctuations today. The purchasing rate stands at Rs. 301.37, while the selling rate has risen to Rs. 310.64.

Here are the buying and selling rates offered by major commercial banks:

  • People’s Bank: Buying at Rs. 300.47, Selling at Rs. 310.65
  • Commercial Bank: Buying at Rs. 300.11, Selling at Rs. 310.00
  • Hatton National Bank (HNB): Buying at Rs. 302.00, Selling at Rs. 310.00
  • Seylan Bank: Buying at Rs. 299.75, Selling at Rs. 309.25
  • DFCC Bank: Buying at Rs. 300.25, Selling at Rs. 310.25
  • N.D.B. Bank: Buying at Rs. 299.10, Selling at Rs. 310.10
  • Amana Bank: Buying at Rs. 303.50, Selling at Rs. 309.00

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