Minister Harin Fernando Takes Action on Tourism Challenges in Arugam Bay


A special discussion focused on the challenges faced by tourists in the Arugam Bay area was held at the Pothuvil regional office, chaired by Mr. Harin Fernando, Minister of Tourism and Lands.

The meeting addressed various issues impacting the tourism industry in Arugam Bay. Key topics included the illegal stay of foreign tourists in Sri Lanka, relocation of the fishing port, illegal occupation and construction on government lands, operation of unlicensed liquor stores, and the disturbance caused by loud shows and festivals.

Minister Harin Fernando also met with stakeholders from the hotel industry in the Ampara district to discuss their concerns. The discussions aimed at enhancing their professional standards and providing necessary facilities. Additionally, the meeting focused on strategies for the development of the tourism industry in the region.

This high-level discussion marks a significant step towards resolving the issues faced by tourists and improving the overall tourism experience in Arugam Bay.

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