Organized Group Defrauds Citizens Using Postal Department Logo for Online Scams


Yesterday (24th), the Internet Intrusion and Intelligence Unit of the Computer Crime Investigation Division informed Colombo Chief Magistrate Thilina Gamage about an ongoing investigation into a sophisticated scam. According to reports, an organized group exploited the official logo of the Postal Department to deceive numerous individuals online.

The unit disclosed that funds from the scam were traced to “Ali Express,” a company based in China. Over 88 complaints have been lodged, with affected parties ranging from doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen to government officials.

The modus operandi involved sending SMS messages to customers after their online purchases, falsely claiming issues with their personal details. They were directed to a counterfeit website designed to mimic legitimate forms, bearing the Postal Department’s logo. Victims were then prompted to enter an OTP (One-Time Password) received via SMS. Subsequently, the fraudsters used this OTP to gain access to victims’ bank accounts and siphon off funds.

In response, the unit petitioned the court to issue orders to procure bank records crucial for further investigations into this fraudulent operation.

Following the presentation of evidence, the court swiftly authorized the issuance of bank orders and ordered the immediate arrest of suspects implicated in the scam.

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