Tragedy Strikes Thiruvottiyur, Tamil Nadu: Young Man Confesses to Killing Mother and Brother


Thiruvottiyur, Tamil Nadu, has been shaken by a tragic incident where a 20-year-old undergraduate student confessed to the murder of his own mother and younger brother. Identified as the elder son of the deceased, the suspect’s actions were reportedly triggered by his mother’s frequent admonishments over his academic performance.

The victims have been identified as Padma (45) and her younger son, M.Sanjaya, a 10th-grade student. The suspect allegedly disclosed the crime through a message sent to his stepmother before fleeing the scene. He was later apprehended by authorities while sleeping on a beach.

During interrogation, the young man revealed that his mother’s persistent criticism, especially concerning his exam results, pushed him to commit the dreadful act. He cited mounting stress over family responsibilities exacerbated by financial worries, with his father employed as a crane operator in Oman and absent from home.

The suspect admitted to contemplating suicide due to overwhelming pressure. Law enforcement officials have taken him into custody as they continue to investigate this deeply distressing incident that has left the community reeling.

Authorities are working diligently to uncover more details surrounding the tragic events in Thiruvottiyur, Tamil Nadu.

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