Ministry of Sports Denies Interference in Sri Lanka Rugby Union Matters


Director General of the Sports Development Department, Prof. (Rear Admiral) Shemal Fernando, has refuted claims that Mr. Harin Fernando or the Ministry of Sports have interfered with the approval process of the Sri Lanka Rugby Union’s draft constitution or related nominations. In a formal announcement, it was emphasized that the Ministry’s role is limited to providing infrastructure and coordination, without any involvement or responsibility in these processes.

Prof. (Rear Admiral) Shemal Fernando elaborated that in October 2023, following the International Rugby Union’s ban on the Sri Lanka Rugby Union, the then Minister of Sports initiated discussions leading to the formation of the Constitutional Review Group (CRG) by the International Rugby Union. However, the ban was lifted by November 2023, and due to the Sri Lanka Rugby Union’s failure to hold its annual general meeting by 24th May 2024, the International Rugby Union appointed itself as the competent authority, as documented in Gazette No. 2386/08 dated 24th May 2024.

Therefore, any assertions that the Minister or the Ministry of Sports has been involved in the constitutional amendments or officer selection processes are unfounded, according to Prof.(Rear Admiral) Shemal Fernando.

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