High-Flying Drama: Social Media Buzz Ahead of Indo-Pak Showdown in T-20 World Cup (VIDEO)


Today’s (10) Indo-Pakistan clash in the T-20 2024 World Cup proved to be a nail-biter, with India clinching victory in a match marked by intense anticipation and unexpected twists.
As the 19th match of the tournament unfolded at Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, New York, Pakistan won the toss, electing to field first as the clock struck 08.00 Sri Lanka time yesterday afternoon.
However, the game took an unexpected turn as rain interrupted play just as India began their innings, halting the match temporarily.
But even before the first ball was bowled, social media erupted with excitement over a dramatic incident in the skies above Nassau County.
A plane soared overhead, trailing a banner that read ‘Free Imran Khan,’ captivating the attention of fans worldwide.
While the identity of the banner’s backers remains unconfirmed, foreign media speculate it may be linked to supporters of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this high-stakes match.

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