Onareddak.lk : Your New Destination for Quality Goods


In a significant move for Sri Lanka’s digital economy, EPceylon Trading Private Company has launched Onareddak.lk, a 100% Sri Lankan multi-vendor e-commerce website. The launch event, held recently at the Anarva Hotel in Mt. Lavinia, was marked by speeches from key figures including Angela Perera, Chairman of EPceylon Trading, Director Dinesh Bandaranayake, and journalist Manoj Udathiyawala.

Onareddak.lk aims to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, creating a marketplace that benefits both sellers and buyers. Angela Perera highlighted the platform’s mission to promote locally produced goods and make quality products accessible to the average Sri Lankan.

“This platform is built under the guidance of a motivated and strong woman,” Perera said. “Onareddak.lk is not just a marketplace; it’s a vision to bring Sri Lankan businesses to the forefront, both locally and internationally. We are dedicated to providing valuable products without compromising on quality, all at the lowest possible prices.”

With a commitment to showcasing the best of Sri Lankan craftsmanship and products, Onareddak.lk stands poised to transform the local market and create new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike.

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