The triplet brothers who brought 25 A passes home


The triplet brothers from Galle Mapalagama succeeded in gifting their parents with a prize of 25 passes in the 2022 Ordinary Level Examination.

Anuda Minula Gajanayake, Akindu Virula Gajanayake and Amiru Sanula Gajanayake are wonderful triplet boys who live in Mapalagama.

According to this, Amiru and Akindu got eight A and two B passes and passed the exam with top marks.

All these three were born together and did their primary education together at Nagoda Primary School, then went to Galle St. Aloysius School with 172 marks in the 5th scholarship examination. Akindu, who got 162 marks in the scholarship, and Amiru, who came close and lost the same grade, also went to Nagoda Royal High School and studied in the 6th grade. Appeared in the general examination and obtained these excellent results.

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