Youtuber Trevor Jacob sentenced for staged plane crash

Shashinka Vidusara
Youtuber Trevor Jacob sentenced for staged plane crash

Trevor Daniel Jacob, an American YouTuber and former snowboard cross competitor who represented the United States in the 2014 Winter Olympics, has recently re-entered the public eye. This resurgence in interest is due to a prison sentence handed down in relation to a video he posted on his YouTube channel back in December 2021.

Jacob, who also happens to be a former light aircraft pilot, posted a video in which he parachuted from a light aircraft, citing engine failure as the reason. This video took the internet by storm and has once again become a hot topic due to Jacob’s recent legal misfortunes.

The video, which shows Jacob parachuting from his Taylorcraft BL-65 after claiming the engine had failed, has amassed over 4.4 million views on YouTube. The aircraft crashed in a deserted area of the Los Padres National Forest near New Cuyama, California, suffering substantial damage. Jacob, who sustained minor injuries upon landing, hiked away from the crash site claiming that the engine had malfunctioned.

Following the video’s viral spread, Jacob found himself facing public criticism. Two days after the video was posted, he reported the crash to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The NTSB began an investigation, requesting that Jacob preserve the wreckage for inspection and provide all video footage of the incident. Despite agreeing to these requests, Jacob claimed he was unable to locate the wreckage, a claim that raised eyebrows considering he had walked to and from the crash site to retrieve his cameras.

Questions about Jacob’s legal situation have been swirling on the internet since he admitted to deliberately crashing his plane in a bid to gain fame and make money. On May 11, 2023, he pleaded guilty to a felony charge of obstruction of a federal investigation through destruction and concealment.

In a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Jacob confessed his intentions to earn commissions from The Ridge through his plot. Judge John F. Walter sentenced him to six months in prison on December 4, 2023. Moreover, Jacob will not be able to apply for a pilot’s license while on probation or parole after his release from prison. He also shared a video on his YouTube channel regarding these developments.

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