Allegations Against Harin Fernando Regarding Concealment of Cricket Corruption

Shashinka Vidusara

Reports suggest that during Harin Fernando’s tenure as Sports Minister, he allegedly concealed information about 18 players suspected of corruption, information provided to him by Alex Marshall, the head of the ICC’s anti-corruption unit.

Harin Fernando, who served as the Sports Minister, reportedly received details about 18 players involved in corruption during Alex Marshall’s visits to Sri Lanka. Despite making statements about a list of corrupt players, Harin Fernando purportedly took no action. Speculation suggests that personal relationships, including one with a later-revealed corrupt player, influenced this inaction.

The former Sports Minister supposedly refrained from disclosing the list due to the inclusion of names close to him and other individuals. Additionally, two senior police officers who previously worked in the Cricket Institute’s anti-corruption unit either resigned or were dismissed.

These officers, during their tenure, reportedly uncovered significant information related to corruption. The subsequent replacements in these roles allegedly did not disclose any information about match-fixing.

Many individuals discussing match-fixing assert that questioning Harin Fernando and the two former anti-corruption unit officers could reveal suppressed facts.

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