Cabinet Approves Development of Urban Park on Rajagiriya Water Reserve Land


The Cabinet has given its approval to develop a section of the water reserve land adjacent to Rajagiriya, Buthgamuwa Road, into an urban park. This initiative is part of the Greater Colombo Flood Control and Environment Improvement Project, led by the Sri Lanka Land Development Corporation (SLLDC), aimed at mitigating flooding in the Colombo and Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte areas.

The project focuses on maintaining marshy land holding stations located in the Divisional Secretariat Divisions of Colombo, Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, Kolonnawa, and Kaduwela. These measures are essential for effective flood management and environmental improvement in the region.

There have been concerns about unauthorized constructions and misuse of the water reserve lands acquired for flood control purposes. To address this, the government has deemed it appropriate to utilize a portion of the land for development, ensuring it aligns with the original objectives of flood mitigation and environmental preservation.

Consequently, the Council of Ministers has approved a proposal from the Minister of Urban Development and Housing to invite private sector contributions for the development of the identified land into an urban park.

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