Six Suspects Arrested in Athurugiriya Shooting Incident


Six suspects have been arrested by police in connection with a shooting incident that occurred yesterday morning (08) at a business establishment in Athurugiriya.

Police reported that the business owner was among the suspects linked to the incident.

The shooting took place during the opening ceremony of a tattoo art gallery in the Oruwala area of Athurugiriya. The attack resulted in the death of Surendra Wasantha Perera, also known as Club Wasantha. Popular singer K. Sujeeva and six others were hospitalized in serious condition. Tragically, another individual succumbed to their injuries, and Club Wasantha’s wife underwent surgery due to gunshot wounds.

During the police investigation, the vehicle used by the suspects to flee the scene was found abandoned in the Korathota area of Kaduwela yesterday afternoon. Later that evening, the white van in which the shooters escaped was discovered in the Delmella area of Bulathsinghala.

Police Media Spokesman Nihal Thalduwa announced that ten police teams have been deployed to investigate the Athurugiriya shooting incident.

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