Major Breakthrough in Underworld Case: Club Wasantha’s Involvement Unveiled


New revelations have emerged regarding the notorious arrests of underworld leaders Makadure Madhush and Kanjipani Imran in Dubai back in 2019. Reports now indicate that Club Wasantha played a crucial role in these arrests and was in possession of a substantial amount of Makadure Madhush’s money, totaling 100 crore rupees.

Sources reveal that Kanjipani Imran had repeatedly demanded the return of the money from Club Wasantha, but his requests were ignored. This led to a failed assassination attempt on Club Wasantha in the Nuwara Eliya area a few months ago. Subsequently, police investigations have uncovered a meticulously planned operation to eliminate Club Wasantha in the Athurigiriya area, which had been in the works for three months.

The plot thickened with the involvement of a tattoo parlor owner, now under police custody. It has been revealed that the owner, a resident of Balapitiya, lacked the funds to start his business but managed to secure financial backing from a foreigner through a mutual friend. The expatriate financed the tattoo parlor’s establishment on the condition that a high-profile opening ceremony would be organized, involving notable figures such as Club Wasantha.

The grand opening event was arranged via social media, Inviting Club Wasantha, his wife, and popular singer K Sujeeva. Tragically, the event turned fatal when two gunmen arrived in a car, opened fire within 17 seconds, and fled the scene. The attack resulted in the deaths of Club Wasantha and another individual, with his wife, K Sujeeva, and four others sustaining injuries and being rushed to the hospital.

K Sujeeva, whose leg was severely injured, was transferred to Colombo National Hospital for further treatment. Meanwhile, Club Wasantha’s wife was moved from Homagama Base Hospital to Kalubowila Hospital.

In a dramatic turn of events, a van suspected to be used by the gunmen was discovered abandoned in a wasteland in Bulathsinghala, Ayagama, Delmella area. Initial reports to the 119 emergency number indicated that the attackers first escaped in a car, which was later found abandoned in Kaduwela, Korathota area, before switching to the van.

Police Media Spokesman DIG Nihal Thalduwa confirmed that several police teams have been deployed to investigate the Athurigiriya murder incident. The investigation is ongoing as authorities work to piece together the details of this intricate plot.

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