Mysterious Deaths of Two Students at Colombo’s Altair Apartment Complex


A post-mortem examination was conducted yesterday at Colombo National Hospital concerning the tragic deaths of a schoolboy and girl who fell from the Altair apartment complex in Slave Island. The coroner has issued an open verdict, leaving the circumstances of their deaths shrouded in mystery as investigations continue.

Although police suspect a possible suicide, they emphasize that the case is still under thorough investigation. The bodies of the two students were discovered yesterday afternoon near the air conditioning units on the 3rd floor of the 70-storey complex.

The deceased, a male student from Wellawatta and a female student from Kelaniya, were both 15 years old and in the 10th grade at an international school in Colombo. According to CCTV footage, they were seen arriving at the Altair apartment complex on Staple Street, Slave Island, after school the previous day and proceeded to the 67th floor.

Subsequent footage reveals the students descending to the 67th floor stairwell, where they removed their shoes and left behind their wallets and mobile phones. Police also discovered a pack of cigarettes and an empty envelope at the scene.

Investigations have uncovered that the male student had previously attempted suicide. However, police have not found any evidence of a romantic relationship between the two students.

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