Australia Doubles International Student Visa Fees


In a significant move aimed at controlling record immigration, Australia has more than doubled its visa fee for international students. Effective July 1, the cost of applying for an international student visa has increased from 710 Australian dollars to 1,600 Australian dollars ($1,068).

This change is part of the government’s broader strategy to address the mounting pressure on Australia’s housing market. Additionally, new restrictions have been placed on tourist visa holders and students with temporary graduate visas, who are now prohibited from applying for a student visa while in the country.

Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neill stated that these measures will help restore the integrity of Australia’s international education system. “These changes, which come into effect today, will create a fairer, smaller, and better immigration system for Australia,” she said.

The decision comes in response to official data released last March, which showed a record 60% rise in net migration in the year leading up to September 30, 2023, with 548,800 people migrating to Australia.

The increased visa fees make Australia a more expensive option for international students compared to other popular destinations such as the United States, where the student visa fee is $185, and Canada, where it ranges from C$110 to C$150.

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