President Ranil Wickramesinghe Announces International Confidence Boost for Sri Lanka


In a televised address, President Ranil Wickramesinghe announced a significant milestone for Sri Lanka, stating that international confidence in the country has been reaffirmed. This comes as bilateral creditors have reached a pivotal agreement, serving as a strong endorsement from the global community.

President Wickramesinghe highlighted that, previously, the global community was hesitant to accept Sri Lanka’s letters of credit. However, this new agreement signals a major shift, with international entities now ready to grant a certificate of confidence to Sri Lanka.

These crucial agreements are set to be presented to Parliament, with the Prime Minister introducing them during a special parliamentary session on July 2nd. President Wickremesinghe urged all patriotic members of Parliament to ratify these agreements.

“The journey to this point has been difficult,” President Wickramasinghe said. “Our ministers and officials have worked tirelessly, and our citizens have shown patience and resilience through various hardships. Despite ongoing challenges, we have persevered.”

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