Massive Fire Erupts at South Korean Battery Factory: 21 Workers Missing (PHOTOS)


A significant fire has engulfed a lithium battery factory in Hwaseong, south of Seoul, South Korea. The blaze has resulted in one confirmed fatality, with 21 workers still unaccounted for.

Efforts to rescue the missing workers have been severely hampered by the intensity and spread of the fire. According to Korean media, firefighters have been unable to enter the plant to conduct rescue operations due to the ongoing expansion of the flames.

Fire Brigade Officer Kim Jin-young has stated that rescue efforts will commence once the fire is brought under control to a manageable level. He also mentioned that the company has provided contact information to help locate the missing workers.

Photos released by Korean media depict gray smoke billowing into the sky and bright orange flames consuming parts of the building. Numerous fire engines are stationed outside the factory, prepared to assist in containment and rescue efforts.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has issued urgent directives to relevant authorities, instructing them to deploy all available personnel and equipment for search and rescue operations. He emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of the firefighters engaged in these efforts.

The lithium battery plant is owned by Aricell, a leading battery manufacturer in South Korea. Firefighting and rescue operations are ongoing, and the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

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