Watchman Revives Before Autopsy in Madurankuliya


In a startling turn of events, a watchman believed to be dead came back to life just before his autopsy. The incident occurred on the 17th of this month when a local landowner reported the death to the Madurankuliya Police.

The landowner, who is also a chairman of a local council, found the watchman unresponsive in the guardhouse on his property. He notified the authorities, describing the body as covered with flies, which led everyone to believe the man had died.

Given the mysterious circumstances, the police decided to conduct an on-the-spot investigation and a post-mortem examination. Officers were dispatched, and the Coroner was informed of the situation. During the preliminary investigation at the scene, one of the police officers noticed signs of life in the “deceased” watchman.

The police immediately rushed the watchman to the hospital. Medical professionals later confirmed that the man had been unconscious due to fasting and illness, rather than deceased. He is currently receiving treatment, and his condition is reported as stable.

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