Bruno Divakara and Natasha Edrisooriya Acquitted in Controversial Case


Colombo Fort Magistrate has ordered the release of Standup comedian Natasha Edrisooriya, who was arrested and remanded under the Convention on Civil and Political Rights Act (ICCRP) following complaints from several organizations, including Sinhala Ravaya, alleging insult to Buddhism during a standup comedy performance. Additionally, Bruno Divakara, owner of the SL Vlog YouTube channel, who was arrested on suspicion in connection with the incident and was out on bail, has also been discharged from the case.

The Attorney General informed the court today that there was insufficient evidence to pursue the case further, leading to the court’s decision to release both individuals. Natasha Edirisooriya’s arrest stemmed from her comedy presentation, while Mr. Bruno Divakara was implicated for allegedly organizing the program.

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