A request to non-governmental organizations to give full support to the sanhidiya mechanisms


Director General of Non-Governmental Organizations, Mr. Sanjeewa Wimala Gunaratne, who participated in the District Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Meeting held yesterday in Mulathiw and Kilinochchi District secretary Offices and today in Jaffna office, said that the Missing Persons Office, the Damaged Office, and the need to give full support to the Sathya and Sanhidaya Commission to be done further explained the need to work together with the reconciliation mechanisms to provide relief to the people affected by the thirty years of war and to inform those mechanisms about the issues that could affect the recurrence of such a war and cooperate to get remedies for it.

Non-governmental organizations have participated in the meetings with more interest than usual, except for a few organizations. All organizations participated in these meetings and presented the progress of their programs so far, how programs and projects should be aligned, and how to make the most of them. The necessary guidance to work with government mechanisms, maintain coordination between non-governmental organizations, and share resources was provided here.

The manner in which this meeting was conducted was highly appreciated by the representatives of non-governmental organizations as well as the government officials who were present for conducting the meetings to make the best use of the ranks and time management of the participants.

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