Jaffna Temple Pujari Arrested for Assault and Property Damage


A pujari of a Hindu temple in Jaffna, who holds permanent residency in both the local area and Canada, has been arrested by Jaffna Police for allegedly attacking a woman and damaging temple property.

According to police reports, a long-standing grudge between the arrested pujari and two other pujaris led to the incident. The altercation resulted in the destruction of temple property, causing significant disruption to the religious activities.

The suspect had previously been involved in a court case concerning the temple, during which both he and the complainant pujari were allotted 10 days each to perform pooja under police supervision. Despite these arrangements, the suspect reportedly continued to visit the temple frequently, leading to ongoing conflicts.

On the day of the incident, the suspect pujari allegedly disrupted a religious offering and caused property damage. When confronted, the pujari protested to the police officers present.

The police are continuing their investigation into the matter to ensure the safety and sanctity of the temple.

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