Travel ban imposed on five Sampath Bank officers

Shashinka Vidusara

Kaduwela, Dec 13 (CNF) –  The Kaduwela Magistrate’s Court today imposed travel bans on five former Sampath bank officers attached to the Thalahena branch for allegedly cheating a bank customer of Rs.77.98 million.

The court issued this order pursuant to a complaint by award-winning traditional medical practitioner Kelum Harsha Kamal Weerasinghe, alleging that a sum of Rs.77.98 million had been fraudulently cheated without his (bank account holder’s) permission.

The CID had earlier submitted a forensic audit report before the Kaduwela Magistrate’s Court pertaining to alleged massive financial fraud at the Thalahena branch of the Sampath Bank.

The Court imposed travel bans on five bank officers, Lakna Jayasekara (first officer), Thanuja Muthukumarana (former manager), Aruna Jinadasa (former regional manager), Gayani Vidhanapathiranage (clerk) and Hirantha Kodikara (branch credit officer) following a request by the CID in terms of section 124 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act and section 51(b), (1) of the Immigrants and Emigrants Act.

President’s Counsel Upul Jayasuriya with Counsel Sachintha Rodrigo appeared for the complainant.

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